Ambrosia releases GooBall game

Ambrosia Software Inc. has announced the release of GooBall, a 3D action game in which you roll, jump and slime your way through mazes on many distinct worlds. You are the Goober, an alien encased in a large ball of viscous goo.

That GooBall you find yourself in is quite useful for your environment. Not only can you speed quite a bit once you get rolling, but you can also make it sticky to help navigate fast turns and climb walls. You'll need help, too, because there are a lot of levels to work through as you collect jewels and other objects along the way.

GooBall was developed in partnership with Over the Edge, using a new 3D game engine called Unity. GooBall requires a G3 or better and Mac OS X v10.2 or higher. It costs US$25 to register, but you can download a demo and play before registering.

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