Chemists welcome Apple at California trade show

For the first time in recent memory, Apple Computer attended the American Chemical Society trade show held this week in San Diego, Calif. Apple displayed its wares in a 20' x 20' booth and gave two presentations that were filled to near capacity, according to executives from the computer company.

"It was really amazing for us," Liz Kerr, Apple's Director of Science and Technology Markets, told MacCentral. "The reception we received was incredible."

Kerr said that people were coming into Apple's booth and welcoming them to the event. In a market where Apple may not be the best known vendor, the company's successes and significant headway in the market were evident as many scientists were already familiar with numerous Apple's products and their capabilities.

"People are really excited about the progress we've made on the application side," said Kerr.

Kerr gave a presentation on "Apple in the Sciences" focusing on how Mac OS X could aid scientists in their work. Apple and Fujitsu shared center stage for a two-hour workshop featuring CAChe, Fujitsu's new Mac OS X chemistry modeling package.

Fujitsu wasn't the only vendor showing off new Mac OS X applications at the show. Golden Helix Inc. released two applications -- HelixTree Genetics Analysis Software v3.1 for Mac OS X, which unravels complex relationships between genetic, clinical and environmental factors, disease status, drug safety and efficacy. Golden Helix also released ChemTree v4.0 for Mac OS X, an application that predicts which compounds to build or buy next in order to decrease downstream attrition rates.

HKL Research Inc. and HyperCube were among other vendors demoing Mac OS X products at the show.

"The most overwhelming thing was the breadth of support from this market," said Kerr. "For our first time out, the show was a huge success."

This story, "Chemists welcome Apple at California trade show" was originally published by PCWorld.

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