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Welcome to a new corner of Mac 911, “Tools of the Trade,” where I shed light on helpful troubleshooting resources. This month, I’d like to direct your attention to Apple assets for the care and feeding of your Mac.

> Take a Bite of Apple Knowledge
In the support area of its Web site, Apple routinely issues new and updated Knowledge Base articles that offer help for dealing with misbehaving Apple products. You can view a list of recent Knowledge Base documents.

> Get Updates by E-mail or RSS
Apple can also e-mail you a list of changed and new Knowledge Base documents on a weekly basis. Subscribe to the list and click on Weekly Apple Support Update. If you want more-frequent updates, you can get them via RSS feed.

> Track Software Updates
If, like me, you’ve lost track of what Apple’s Software Update has installed on your Mac, go to Library/Logs and double-click on the Software Update.log file. This file lists all the files installed by Software Update.

> Download Apple’s Latest
If your collection of Apple updates seems incomplete, click here and scan the long list of Apple downloads—including everything from OS X updates to the latest versions of QuickTime, iTunes, and the iPod updater.

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