Marketing to MUGs, more MUG Center news

"But there are more and perhaps even better reasons to work the Mac market, and especially that bastion of the serious Mac user, the user group," writes Chuck Joiner in his latest blog entry on the Macintosh User Group (MUG) Center Web site. He's responding to an article explaining why start-up companies are missing an opportunity if they don't produce products for the Mac. He goes beyond the original argument, however, to explain how developers, especially fledgling companies, can leverage MUGs to build a foundation for their efforts, and goes on to detail two examples of such a strategy.

Elsewhere on the MUG Center this week, Joiner offers his thoughts on Apple's recent court proceedings, explains how to score up to US$200 off a new Mac through and details ways to rack up more frequent flier miles with Delta's credit card. In addition, he lets users know about an Adobe User Group Program event being held in New York City on April 4 and presents his latest User Group Report, which features Shreveport MUG's Thomas Avallone.

Finally, Joiner reports the findings from last week's MUG Center survey question wanting to know what was most important in a vendor's user group program. Readers were able to rate component on a scale from worthless to essential, so visit the MUG Center Web site for the full breakdown. This week, Joiner wants to know: "What benefits does your group offer to members?"

In this week's worldwide MUG meetings, March 29 sees Southern New Hampshire Apple Core present "Backing up your system;" the U.K.'s Midlands MUG demonstrate EvcoCam; and MacBUS look at SubEthaEdit, Keynote 2 and Pages. On March 30, Oceanside MUG welcomes Tropical Software's James Lee; Connecticut Macintosh Connection explains how to integrate the Mac into astronomy; SFCutters celebrates its fifth anniversary; and Gold Coast MUG dives into part two of its review of iLife '05 and iWork.

On March 31, Shreveport MUG's third official meeting features "The Future Looks SMUG" while Portland Mac Filmmakers User Group covers backing up and archiving digital video, as well as ways to deliver it via the Web or a DVD. On April 1, Philadelphia Area AppleScript Users Group demonstrates how to perform Web site maintenance with the scripting tool.

On April 2, Tropical Software's Lee visits Orange Apple Computer Club while South Suburban MUG presents "Making Web Pages" and AUSOM looks at "Organizing Travel Photos." April 3 and 4 are clear.

Macintosh User Groups interested in seeing their events listed on MacCentral are welcome to send us their news. We post roundups of MUG events and gatherings each week.

If you're wondering what user group events are happening in your area, visit the MUG Center's online calendar. Apple also hosts a user group site where you can look for a MUG near you or find out how to start your own group.

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