Inquire4D toolset builds speech-driven 4D databases

InquireTec and 4D Inc. have jointly announced the release of Inquire 4D, a toolset that enables 4D developers to build voice-driven databases. It takes advantage of the text-to-speech engines that are included with Mac OS X and Windows XP, although the SUI Pack, which offers more functionality than the basic SUI Lite plug-in, is available only for Mac OS X.

Developers can use Inquire 4D to build databases that perform coded queries as well as sort, select and update multiple records with voice commands. The SUI Pack version adds the ability to voice-enable buttons, fields and other form objects and supports relative dates, such as "this Friday." SUI Lite is US$89 per developer while SUI Pack is $199 per developer. Both work with 4D versions 6.7 through 2004.

This story, "Inquire4D toolset builds speech-driven 4D databases" was originally published by PCWorld.

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