ChronoSync 3 adds new sync options, more

Econ Technologies on Wednesday released ChronoSync 3, the latest version of its synchronization and backup utility. This upgrade offers a redesigned interface and several new features, including the ability to automatically awaken a Mac to perform schedule operations, the option to control all synchronizations from a status bar, file change detection based on seven file properties that can be turned on or off to customization the synchronization process and more.

ChronoSync can synchronize or back up files and folders on a Mac, between Macs or PCs or between a computer and an external hard drive, including iPods. It can perform operations according to a schedule, with the ability to create rules and set options for them. The utility can also exclude specific files and folders, check all files' current synch status and run trial synchronizations before committing to them. ChronoSync 3 is free for registered users; the full version is US$30. Mac OS X v10.2.7 or higher is required.

This story, "ChronoSync 3 adds new sync options, more" was originally published by PCWorld.

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