FileWave intros FileWave 2.0, Asset Trustee 7.0

Swiss developer FileWave on Thursday released version 2.0 of its software distribution application FileWave as well as version 7.0 of its inventory software Asset Trustee. FileWave 2.0 features Patch Installer, which enables network administrators to automatically distribute operating system updates to all users, and Client Manager, which gives administrators the ability to create client groups. Client Manager can also import clients from such Directory systems as LDAP, Active and Open Directory, as well as from text files.

Asset Trustee 7.0 adds an SQL back-end database and a Web-based PHP front end. The front-end client can build and save complex queries as well as export results to text or in Microsoft Excel format. Mac OS X v10.2 is required, along with 512MB RAM (1GB recommended) and 20GB of hard drive space for the Inventory component, 256MB RAM and 20GB of hard drive space for the PostOffice component and 256MB RAM and 10MB of hard drive space for the Scanner or SNMP Scanner components.

Contact FileWave for pricing of both applications, which depends on the customer's needs. FileWave 2.0 is free for qualified academic customers who sign up for a two-year support contract. System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.2, 256MB RAM (512MB required for the Booster and XServer modules) and 5MB free hard drive space for the client, 80GB for the administrator and 120GB for the Booster and XServer modules.

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