OWC offers 72-hour Mac mini upgrade program

Have one of Apple's new Mac minis but wish it were better equipped? Other World Computing (OWC) now offers a 72-hour Mac mini upgrade installation program that will net you as many as three upgrade options, with FedEx-based overnight pickup and return to boot.

Apple's Mac mini has, by all accounts, been a big draw since its introduction in January. Starting at only US$499 it's Apple's least expensive computer -- but the low price also means that the Mac mini is stingy in features, shipping with only 256MB RAM and with limited hard disk drive storage capacity and, unless you order it custom, with a CD-RW/DVD-ROM "Combo" drive that can't burn DVDs. Although it's possible to upgrade these capabilities yourself, it requires a steady hand and a steely determination.

For US$99, OWC will take your Mac mini in by overnight courier and perform up to three upgrades (each upgrade carries an additional fee). The basic fee covers the delivery charges both ways and a shipping box. You can have a 1GB RAM module installed for US$129; a 5400RPM or 7200RPM hard disk drive with 60GB or 100GB of storage capacity starting at $119; or an 8x DVD-R "SuperDrive" for $149.95, which is faster than Apple's current offering and has support for dual-layer recordable DVD media.

This story, "OWC offers 72-hour Mac mini upgrade program" was originally published by PCWorld.

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