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If you’re not quite ready to start your own Podcast, you can still get in on the craze by subscribing to other people’s Podcasts. The first thing you’ll need is a Podcasting client, such as iPodderX, which regularly checks various preset sites to find new content for download. Once you’ve launched your client, you can use its built-in directory to add new Podcasts. If iPodderX doesn’t list the Podcast you’re looking for, you can add it by going to Podcasts: Add A Podcast Feed. Then copy the RSS feed address (it usually ends in .xml ) and paste it into the Podcast Feed URL field.

You can have iPodderX check specified feeds for new content to download. It will add the Podcasts to a new iTunes playlist. If you have your iPod configured for an automatic update, all you have to do is plug in your iPod; iPodderX will do the rest.

Here are some Podcasts to get you started:

> Daily Source Code
> The Dawn and Drew Show
> Reel Reviews
> MacCast


Place your mike at a 45 to 90 degree angle relative to your mouth. This will reduce the plosive sound that words beginning with the letter p can cause.

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