Yellow Dog Linux goes 64-bit

Terra Soft Solutions Inc. has announced the release of a 64-bit version of Yellow Dog Linux, its Linux operating system implementation designed for PowerPC-based systems including Apple Macintosh computers. It’s available exclusively to subscribers of the Enhanced service.

Terra Soft Solutions CEO Kai Staats explained that his company has released the 64-bit version to keep up the pace with Apple’s Tiger release and Microsoft’s latest Windows efforts. Terra Soft is moving forward to an early summer release of Yellow Dog Linux 4.1, Staats said, but this interim release should fit the bill until then.

The v4.0.90 build offers double-precision and support for up to 16GB RAM, as well as a native runtime environment for both 32-bit and 64-bit code. Other enhancements in this release call for a bi-arch (32/64-bit) toolchain; core 64-bit libraries, such as ncurses, readline and db4; and upgrade, which corrects display issues associated with Apple’s aluminum clad Cinema Display series.

This story, "Yellow Dog Linux goes 64-bit" was originally published by PCWorld.

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