Stone ships iMaginator for Tiger

Stone Design on Friday released iMaginator, a new image processing application designed especially for Mac OS X v10.4, leveraging the new "Core Image" technology found in that release to provide graphics pros with access to more than 106 effects, transitions and filters.

iMaginator lets users layer graphics and text, and modify, apply and re-order multiple effects for enhancements and artistic embellishments. You can crop, scale rotate, flip, skew change exposure and brighten images in real time, saving processed images as TIFF or JPEG files, or export QuickTime movies showing time-based effects.

iMaginator is essentially an engine that exposes Core Image "Image Units" and creates an interface for accessing the unit's options. It loads and displays all of the Image Units included with Tiger, like blurs, color adjustments, distortions, styles, compositing effects, edge sharpeners and transitions, and works with any image units provided by third parties. Seven new custom plug-ins are included with iMaginator like Oval Mask, Crop Fade Mask, Make Transparent, Colorize, Fun Mirror, Grayscale and Polka Dots.

iMaginator is available for download as a 14-day trial demo. It costs US$49 to register.

This story, "Stone ships iMaginator for Tiger" was originally published by PCWorld.

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