Sega: Football Manager 2006 coming for Mac, PC, PSP

Sega Europe Ltd. on Monday announced plans to release Sports Interactive's Football Manager 2006 for Mac and PC later this year. The company also announced separately plans to release the game for Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) -- the first time the franchise will be released on a portable gaming system.

Football Manager is no arcade game -- this is a soccer management team that puts you in charge of running a team in a professional league, made by the same company responsible for the popular Championship Manager series. Last year's edition, another dual-platform release for Mac and Windows, touted more than 5,000 teams from 50 countries with stats massed from quarter of a million players and staff. You issue instructions to each player on the team, managing training, injuries, strategies and tactics, wage psychological war against your rivals by managing the media spotlight and more.

New features in the 2006 edition include the ability to negotiate contracts, wages and budgets with the team's board of directors; half-time talks to review how players are doing; personal management of individual players whose poor morale may affect the way the rest of the team plays; a revamped training module; referee profiles and league tables; improved player positions feature and more.

Sega Europe Ltd. and Sports Interactive didn't provide a specific release date, but said the game would be released for the Mac and PC in Winter, 2005. Other details like system requirements were also absent, but the companies said that they will announce more features soon.

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