Kinoma Producer 3 adds PSP support

Kinoma Inc. has released an updated version of its Kinoma Producer 3 video compression app with built-in support for Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP). The 3.2 update is free for registered users; others can download a free trial edition, which costs US$29.99 to register.

Kinoma Producer 3 can convert most digital movie formats including QuickTime, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 to formats that handheld computing devices can understand. Kinoma Producer 3 optimizes movies for output to Palm PDAs, Smartphones and, with this release, the Sony PSP.

The Sony PSP — a handheld video game console — can also play back movies encoded using MPEG-4 stored on its Memory Stick Pro card. Kinoma Producer 3.2 transforms the video you input to a PSP-compatible version, copies it to the Memory Stick Pro, and creates a thumbnail image so you know what you’re viewing later.

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