Power Game Factory ships for Mac OS X

Litchfield, Conn.-based Sawblade Software on Tuesday announced the release of Power Game Factory, a kit that lets you create your own 2D side-scrolling games for Mac OS X. The software was announced earlier this month but is shipping now for US$44, and comes on a CD-ROM that includes a game project that shows you how the software can work.

Power Game Factory works without requiring you to understand how to program. You can incorporate sprite-based graphics with realistic physics, making huge levels chock-full of characters, weapons and items using your own custom artwork and sound effects. Once you’re satisfied with how your game looks, you can compile your own game project as a self-contained application without incurring royalties or any artificial limitations imposed by the software.

Power Game Factory includes a six-step beginner’s tutorial and a demo game project called Greenland Invasion. Also included is a 190-page user’s manual with reference, extra level background graphics and game music.

This story, "Power Game Factory ships for Mac OS X" was originally published by PCWorld.

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