Unreal Tournament developer reports Mac/Intel success

Good news from Ryan C. Gordon, the programmer who brought Unreal Tournament 2004 to the Macintosh. Gordon has reported success getting the game to run on an Intel-based Mac at last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Gordon reports his efforts in a recent update to his .plan file — not only regarding Unreal Tournament 2004, but for other games and game software he works on.

Apple had a lab at the show for developers to work on their code to make them compatible with Intel-based Macs. Gordon said he “pretty much chained” himself to a Mac in that lab to get his code working, outside of some time spent in conferences.

Unreal Tournament 2004 runs on new Intel based Mac systems, though Gordon had more difficulty with it than he expected. Thanks to the help of an unidentified Apple engineer he did finally get it working. And while there’s more work to do, said Gordon, “… the exact day Intel-Macs hit the retail stores, I fully expect to ship a patch to support these machines.”

He also managed to get his version of Duke Nukem 3D working on an Intel system. “These changes are all going into CVS, since all the Duke sources are GPL’d, then you can build your own Universal Binary directly,” said Gordon.

Gordon also did the Mac OS X conversion work on GameHouse’s casual game Feeding Frenzy, and noted that it worked after making a few adjustments.

Finally, Gordon also noted that GarageGames’ Torque Game Engine works on Intel-based Macs. “… all took me literally minutes to find and fix,” he said.

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