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Printing smarts

Even without profiling software, there are a few basic steps you can take to better match your prints to the image you see on your monitor.

In the Print dialog box (Command-P), make sure that your specific printer is selected (from the Printer pull-down menu). Then choose Print Settings from the third pull-down menu. Be sure to specify the type of paper you’re using. You’d be surprised at how much your prints will improve if you simply tell your Mac whether you’re using glossy, matte, or plain paper. Also choose the photo-quality setting, if that option is available.

Next, switch to the Color Options or Color Management section (its name may vary depending on your printer’s driver). Select the ColorSync option for color correction. If you have a printer profile for your device, select it from the Printer Profile pull-down menu. These settings should produce an image that is very close to the calibrated picture on your monitor.

Keep in mind that there will always be differences between what you see on screen and what you see on paper. A print is reflective, while the image on your monitor is illuminated. So you’re dealing with two different ways of displaying a picture. However, with a little work, you can narrow the color-reproduction gap between your monitor and your printer.

For an accurate print, make sure that you choose your specific printer and type of paper in the Print dialog box.
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