.Mac adds higher-bandwidth option

Apple’s subscription-based .Mac service applies limits on the amount of data a single account can transfer each month. The standard limit is 3GB per month, although customers can more than triple that amount when they purchase additional .Mac storage capacity.

A standard .Mac account is limited to 250MB of total storage capacity, divided between e-mail and iDisk storage space. And when subscribers buy additional storage space for their .Mac account, they get additional bandwidth, as well: spending an extra $49.95 per year raises the storage limit to 1024MB of storage and 10GB of data transfer per month.

.Mac provides users with an online repository of data called an “iDisk,” which they can use to store digital movies, photographs, music, Web pages or any other content. This storage space is also shared by .Mac e-mail accounts. Users can configure the account to divide e-mail and iDisk storage capacity according to their needs.

Although many people have .Mac accounts strictly for their own personal use, some shareware and non-commercial software developers, creative firms and other companies use .Mac to host their sites and shared content as well. What’s more, Apple has made an increased effort to publicize its .Mac Developer Kit to registered developers, to encourage them to incorporate .Mac integration in their applications. Apple’s new bandwidth option may help to differentiate casual .Mac users from individuals or companies that depend on .Mac for their business.

This story, ".Mac adds higher-bandwidth option" was originally published by PCWorld.

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