North American PSP 2.0 upgrade available this week

Sony has delayed its firmware upgrade for North American PlayStation Portables (PSPs) to sometime this week, according to a posting on their Web site message board.

“The PSP Firmware 2.0 Upgrade for the North American market will be available during the week of August 15th, instead of on August 12, as previously reported,” said the posting.

Sony originally announced the North American PSP firmware upgrade as coming on Friday, August 12, 2005, but has delayed its release for as-yet unspecified reasons.

Sony’s PSP is a portable gaming system that can also play videos, digital music and photographs, storing data on a Sony Memory Stick Duo flash memory card. An integrated USB 2.0 interface makes it possible to transfer data between the PSP and a Mac or PC (it appears on the Mac’s desktop as a mass storage device). Several third-party utilities have been released or updated to help facilitate PSP data exchange on the Mac.

The 2.0 firmware upgrade was made available to Japanese PSP users in late July. It adds a Web browser, additional media support and makes other changes, including reworking security features to prevent “homebrew” software from working on the device. The upgrade will be made available through the Network Update feature on the PSP itself.

This story, "North American PSP 2.0 upgrade available this week" was originally published by PCWorld.

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