Freeverse offers 'Best of Original Mac Games' bundle

Freeverse Software on Tuesday announced plans to publish “The Best of: Original Mac Games, Vol. 1.” The two CD set will ship before the end of the month, and includes five previously released action/arcade games created just for Mac OS X. The bundle costs $29.95.

Included in the set is:

  • Deep Trouble 2, a futuristic submarine action game from CodeBlender Software.
  • Airburst Extreme, Strange Flavour’s game that puts you high above the surface of the Earth as you and your opponents square off and try to pop each others’ balloon floats.
  • Starbase Defender, Bigger Planet’s retro action game in which you protect your starbase from a never-ending onslaught of alien invaders intent on destroying you and stealing your base’s energy supply.
  • Active Lancer, the scrolling shoot ‘em up that lets you play as different characters as you hover above the surface of a planet filled with hostile alien forces, blasting anything in sight.
  • Kill Monty, the Smash TV/Robotron-style shooter in which you can collect an arsenal of weapons to destroy the hordes of evildoers who come marching at you from all directions.
  • What’s more, the package will include a “sneak peek:” A playable development level from Freeverse’s upcoming release Wingnuts 2.

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