Macromedia Studio 8

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Macromedia Studio 8

Macromedia is now distributing Studio 8—probably the final release of its popular Web design and creation software before the company is integrated into Adobe. For several years, since the launch of its MX suite, Macromedia has tried to make its Web creation tools—Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, and Contribute—more interoperable and suite-like, and the result is now tighter integration between the programs in Studio 8 than ever before.

In addition, each program within the suite has heightened capabilities, appealing to users of Studio 8’s component programs. FlashPaper is now available for the Mac, too, as part of Contribute 3, which is also a part of Studio 8. Macromedia has priced Studio 8 upgrades simply: If you own a previous version of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash or Freehand, you can upgrade to Macromedia Studio 8 for $399.

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