Kutoka ships Didi & Ditto First Grade

Montreal, Canada-based Kutoka Interactive announced Wednesday the release of Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King, a new edutainment title aimed at children ages 5 to 7, for Mac OS X and Windows. It costs US$19.95.

Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King continues the adventures of the brother and sister beaver, who previously starred in an edutainment title aimed at Kindergartners. The Wolf King is a grade-based "learning adventure" in which players join the title characters as they try to save their homeland.

The Wolf King and his minions have threatened to destroy the peaceful land of Jako's Valley unless they accept him as their ruler. Did & Ditto make a bet with the Wolf King that beavers are smarter than wolves. The king agrees, if Didi or Ditto -- players can choose whether they want to play as the brother or sister beaver -- can retrieve all the medallions and flags.

Activities in the adventure game include math, reading and writing, science and technology, music, social studies and art. Three levels of difficulty help to challenge kids. And while kids can play The Wolf King through as an adventure game, they also can choose specific skills to focus on and practice.

Kutoka is the developer of the Mia series of learning adventures. They've also published two Creatures games for the Mac and PC, and the EazySpeak line of language learning products.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.2 or later and a G3/900MHz or G4/700MHz or faster.

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