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I can with iCal

Here are two bonus iCal tips that can help you take care of business.

•  Get a Phone Reminder
If you’re like me, you sometimes need extra reminders about appointments, birthdays, meetings, and so on. iCal can send an e-mail message to your cell phone reminding you of that important meeting (provided, of course, that you have a cell phone that accepts e-mail).

In Address Book (not in iCal), put your phone’s e-mail address in the card you’ve designated as My Card. Then go to iCal and double-click on a date to create a new event (something like “Fight with a PC user—playground 10:00 a.m.”). In iCal’s Info panel, click on the Alarm pop-up menu and choose E-mail. Choose your cell phone’s e-mail address from the list and specify how long before the appointment you want the reminder sent. You’re good to go.

•  Add Live Web Links to Your Calendar
If you’re leaving yourself a note to check a Web site, you can embed a live link to that site right in your iCal header. (Sure, you could always embed a URL in a note, but the header appears in the calendar itself.) For example, let’s say your message would have been “ New Ricky Martin CD comes out today. Visit to order.” Add angle brackets around CDnow and include the full Web address, like this:

. Now you can click on that header from within iCal’s main calendar to go directly to that Web page (if your Mac is connected to the Internet).

[ Scott Kelby is the editor in chief of Layers and Photoshop User magazines, as well as the president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. ]

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