No TaxCut coming for Mac users this year

If you’d planned to use H&R Block’s TaxCut 2005 to prepare your income tax return this year, you’ve got another thing coming — at least if you plan to use a Mac to do it. The company’s 2005 version will be Windows-only.

H&R Block recently announced TaxCut 2005, which now features streamlined interview, presentation and workflow processes, tax auditing support, and versions that bundle both federal and state taxes together. Unfortunately, none of these new features will be available for Mac users, as previously reported by The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

“Last year we had a very small participation from Mac users,” a company spokesperson said, confirming TaxCut's absence from the Mac to Macworld.

Accordingly, the company decided to forgo Mac support for this year’s product, she added. The spokesperson directed Macintosh users to H&R Block’s online tax programs instead.

Alternately, Mac users interested in a commercial tax preparation product can consider Intuit’s TurboTax, which ships on hybrid CD-ROM and is also available for online purchase and download.

This story, "No TaxCut coming for Mac users this year" was originally published by PCWorld.

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