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Color companions

Apple’s Colors panel offers five different color modes, but if that isn’t enough to satisfy your eye for color, have a look at these Web resources:


This free online tool lets you select a base color; then it automatically creates a palette of six matching colors. It’s a great way to get quick color inspiration.


This site lets you peruse interesting color combinations that others post. It’s a great source of color inspiration and education. You can browse, create, and rate colors and palettes.

Color Scheme Generator 2

This handy Web tool takes your base color and creates color schemes based on one of five color-matching methods—including Contrast, Triad, and Analogic. It also lets you preview how those colors will appear to people who have several different types of color blindness.


At first glance, it may look as though Microsoft Word doesn’t support OS X’s Colors panel. But it does. In Word’s Formatting palette, choose More Colors from any Color pop-up menu (for instance, under Font, Borders, or Shading). Word will then open the Colors panel and give you access to any custom color palettes you’ve created.

[ Robert Ellis is a freelance writer, a Mac fanatic, and an avid digital photographer. ]

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