MWSF: Montage screenwriting software released

Mariner Software announced Montage, a forthcoming Mac OS X screenwriting application currently in beta. The software is expected to ship in March.

Montage provides screenwriters with a live script outline, a view of characters, locations, tasks, research, and more. Included templates for film, television, radio, and theater automatically format the script to industry standards. Montage Smart Views allow writers to visually filter the script to the desired content, based on criteria. When the script is completed, Montage includes the ability to create, submit, and track query letters, a script synopsis, and script submissions to hundreds of included industry contacts. Montage also imports Final Draft documents.

The shipping version of Montage will initially be offered in English and sells for $150. Support for other language versions is expected. Montage will require Mac OS 10.3 or better. Beta versions will be available to the public later in the month.

This story, "MWSF: Montage screenwriting software released" was originally published by PCWorld.

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