A Monster's work is never done

Delicious Monster (booth #710) is using Macworld Expo to show off Delicious Library 1.5 —well, 1.5.3 to be precise. But company co-founder Wil Shipley says that version 1.6 of the innovative cataloging software is “coming in weeks.”

Shipley is working on a way to get the iSight cameras built in to the iMac suitable for use with Delicious Library. (The software lets you use iSights of the non-built-in variety to scan in barcodes of books, movies, music, and video games for keeping track of your stuff.) Getting built-in iSight cameras to scan barcodes is a built of a challenge—the image comes out blurry—but Shipley is working on a way to use the vImage framework to de-convolute the barcode. He isn’t promising that feature will appear in Delicious Library 1.6, but progress is being made.

One thing Shipley is promising: version 1.6 will be a Universal application that runs on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Even more important, it will be a free upgrade for existing users.

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