Propellerhead's Reason to support Intel Macs

Propellerhead Software has issued a statement to its customers about its plans to support Apple's new Intel-based Macs. While no Universal versions of the company's software are currently available, Propellerhead told its customers that they are "still fully committed to the Mac OS platform."

Until a Universal Binary is available, Propellerhead said that customers could run Reason on Intel Macs using Rosetta, the built-in translation layer from Apple. However, as with most audio applications, this is not optimal.

"Early testing using the Apple Developer Transition Kit shows that: Reason will continue to run in Rosetta, but the performance loss is similar to running Reason on a G3; ReCycle runs fine in Rosetta, with no measurable performance issues; and ReWire works, as long as all applications in the session are PowerPC-based," said the company in the statement.

Propellerhead said that performance might be better on the shipping Intel-Macs but they haven't been able to test this yet.

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