Aspyr posts Call of Duty 2 info

Aspyr Media is still hard at work on the Macintosh conversion of Call of Duty 2, the first person shooter set in World War II. You can find new information about the Mac conversion on Aspyr’s Web site.

A sequel to another popular WWII-era shooter brought to the Mac by Aspyr, Call of Duty 2 follows the story of American, British and Russian soldiers as they advance on Nazi Germany. The game was originally developed by Infinity Ward and published for the PC and Xbox 360 by Activision.

In addition to stunning new graphics and special effects, Call of Duty II features bigger battles, more tanks, troops and explosions and a wide range of locales in the European theater of war.

Call of Duty 2 touts greatly improved artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computer-controlled soldiers with better situational awareness than before, as well as realistic weather conditions like snow, rain and fog. The game also features team-based multiplayer capabilities.

Call of Duty 2 has been rated T for Teen by the ESRB. The game is not yet available for pre-order, nor has Aspyr revealed system requirements — it routinely holds that information until four to six weeks before the game’s release. Call of Duty 2 for Mac is expected to be released in May. It will be a Universal Binary for Intel-based Macs, however.

This story, "Aspyr posts Call of Duty 2 info" was originally published by PCWorld.

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