Mac-compatible weather stations now available

Weather geeks, science teachers, researchers and meteorologists rejoice: Onset Computer Corp. on Friday announced the availability of research-grade Mac-compatible weathers stations using its HOBO products.

Bourne, Mass.-based Onset Computer corp. manufactures battery-powered data loggers that are used in everything from marine biology to facilities management, HVAC, transportation, energy and more.

The company’s 15-channel HOBO Weather Station and four-channel HOBO Micro Station can monitor and record temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, soil moisture, photosynthetic light (PAR), solar radiation, wind speed and direction, leaf wetness and barometric pressure.

The stations record their data using “smart sensors,” which eliminate the needs to wire, program and calibrate. The Micro Station costs $199 plus sensors; the Weather Station costs $399 plus sensors. A fully equipped “starter system kit” costs $1,149.

The stations are paired with HOBOware, a Mac OS X graphic and analysis software package that features data plotting capabilities.

This story, "Mac-compatible weather stations now available" was originally published by PCWorld.

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