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iWeb, the newest member of Apple’s iLife, greatly simplifies the process of creating and distributing a video Podcast.

When you launch iWeb, select a Podcast page from any of the template styles. When you use this type of page, iWeb automatically retrieves your Podcast and creates an RSS feed for it.

If you’re using iMovie to edit your Podcast, go to File: Export, click on the iWeb icon, and then click on the Share button. iMovie will send it to iWeb for publication. Add your own text to the iWeb layout, including a title, show notes, and credits. Then go to File: Submit Podcast To iTunes to list your Podcast in the iTunes Music Store’s Podcast directory. Fill out the appropriate information, and then click on the Publish And Submit button to upload your Podcast to your .Mac account.

If you don’t have a .Mac account, don’t despair. You can publish your iWeb pages, including video Podcasts and RSS information, to any Web server. From the File menu, select Publish To Folder. iWeb places all the necessary files within your user folder’s Sites folder. From there, you can use any FTP program to upload them to the host of your choosing. You will lose a few features by not publishing to .Mac—namely, the automatic listing in iTunes and photo slide shows—but for the most part, the pages will be identical. (For more on iWeb, see our full review.)

[ Cyrus Farivar is Macworld ’s assistant editor. He is also the host and producer of the Macworld Podcast.]

iWeb’s built-in Podcasting features make publishing your video Podcasts easy.
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