Captain FTP goes Intel

Xnet Communications on Thursday announced the release of Captain FTP 4.5, a new version of its File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client software for Mac OS X. Captain FTP 4.5 costs $25 to register.

Captain FTP enables Mac users to transfer files to and from servers that support the FTP protocol. It features virtual folder support, “hot folders” for automatic uploads, segmented file transfers to accelerate large transfers, and a scheduling clock.

New to this release is Universal Binary support, so Captain FTP works natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. The developers said that improvements they have made in recent versions reduces CPU utilization and memory footprint, and improves performance.

Xnet has also developed companion products to Captain FTP like Crowznest, a free utility that “acts as a lookout” and monitors your local folders for activity; a Dashboard widget to upload files to remote servers; and Crocodile Server, a Rendezvous-enabled FTP server for Windows.

This story, "Captain FTP goes Intel" was originally published by PCWorld.

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