Spam Cube promises spam blocking

Spam Cube is a new $150 anti-spam appliance whose makers say helps block unsolicited e-mail (spam), regardless of whether you’re a Mac or PC user. Designed for home users, Spam Cube doesn’t charge subscription fees, and works with up to four computers.

The Spam Cube plugs in to your computer network, sitting in between your cable or DSL modem and your network router — or, if you don’t have a router, between your cable or DSL modem and your computer directly. It features two 10/100 megabit Ethernet ports on its back.

Once you’ve set up the device using included software, Spam Cube begins to block spam right away, regardless of what e-mail client you’re using — including Web-based e-mail clients like Gmail. The software built in to the Spam Cube recognizes e-mail from known spammers, searches for typical spam keywords and knows how to spot spam, according to the developer.

The company claims Spam Cube is 96 to 99 percent effective at getting rid of spam. Although the Spam Cube limits direct connectivity to four computers, it can trap spam from an unlimited number of e-mail clients and accounts.

The Spam Cube measures 4.5 inches on a side and comes in five colors — Bright White, Jet Black, Baby Pink, Titanium and Bright Yellow.

Although the Spam Cube itself does not incur a subscription fee, the developer offers an annual subscription to its Security OnDemand service, for $52. That charge adds features such as active virus and virus-like file detection and deletion from e-mails, as well as “phishing” e-mail identification and eradication.

This story, "Spam Cube promises spam blocking" was originally published by PCWorld.

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