Titan Attacks brings Space Invaders to the Mac

Wishing for a Space Invaders-style arcade game for the Mac? Look no further than Puppy Games’ new release, Titan Attacks. It’s available for Mac OS X, Linux Windows and costs $9.95 to register. A free demo is available for download.

Like Puppy Games’ other retro-style homages to classic arcade games, Titan Attacks features modern physics and particle effects, but combines that with gameplay that will remind you of the early days of coin-op arcade gaming. Puppy’s other releases include Ultratron, a modern homage to the classic “Robotron: 2084.”

Titan Attacks features more than 100 levels, bonuses and bounties that you can use to outfit your ship with better defenses and weapons between rounds, and five giant boss motherships. There’s also an online high score table, so you can compare your abilities to other players.

Puppy Games advises that the violence is non-graphic, so the game is a safe choice for younger players.

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