pcAnywhere remote control software comes to Mac OS X

Symantec has announced pcAnywhere 12.0, the newest major release of its remote control software. With this release, pcAnywhere supports Mac OS X systems for the first time. pcAnywhere costs $199.99 and should be available now.

pcAnywhere is a remote control tool that lets computers connect with hosts running Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems. You can transfer files from one machine to another, directly access vital operating system utilities and more.

New to pcAnywhere 12.0 simplifies host and remote connectivity with new gateway and host invitation features. The software automatically discovers and make secure connections through firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) devices.

What’s more, pcAnywhere 12.0 implements the CrossPlatform component, which makes it possible for host and remote platforms to work regardless of whether they’re running Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. Mobile administrators can also use Microsoft Pocket PC- equipped devices to connect to hosts.

A new basic view user interface option breaks down what you can do into task-based graphic options. You can also combine all active sessions into a single, tabbed window interface.

The new version also introduces pcAnywhere Access Server — a new system designed for small to medium businesses, value added resellers and others to support internal and external clients by connecting through a centralized and secure host access point. Symantec plans to release pcAnywhere Access Server in the second calendar quarter of 2006.

System requirements call for a G4 or G5 processor (Intel-based Macs are not supported at this time) and Mac OS X v10.3 or later.

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