Glide Mobile manages media on the go

Transmedia’s Glide Effortless is a service lets you share, conceivably, any sort of document or media file online, with whomever you want. Now the service can be administered from smartphones, PDAs and other mobile devices using Glide Mobile.

Available in free and pay-to-play subscription levels priced up to $99.95 per year, Glide Effortless provides you with a way to upload and share your pictures, audio files, movies and documents with other users online. Glide Effortless first went Mac-compatible in February. A “portable desktop,” Glide links your computer with an online repository, and you can assign individual users specific rights to view your content, upload new content, download what’s there and more.

Remarkably, Glide Effortless also includes transcoding technology that takes out the guesswork from sharing files — you don’t need to worry if the people looking at your documents have the same applications installed. Right now the transcoding service supports hundreds of formats, and more are being added.

Glide Mobile extends the service’s administration capability to mobile handsets, smartphones and other devices that run Windows Mobile 5.0. And coming in mid-May is support for Motorola’s Razr and Nokia 60 Series handsets. Later this month, Transmedia adds support for Sony Ericsson handsets. Other devices will follow, according to the developer.

What’s more, starting May 25th, Mac-based Glide Effortless users will be able to import their favorites from Safari, store them and view them in Internet Explorer running from their mobile handset.

This story, "Glide Mobile manages media on the go" was originally published by PCWorld.

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