Ambrosia's Apeiron X, Darwinia go Universal

Venerable shareware Mac game and utility publisher Ambrosia Software has recently updated two of its hit games with Universal Binary versions: Apeiron X 1.0.2 and Darwinia 1.4.2. Both updates are available for download from Ambrosia’s Web site.

Apeiron X is the Mac OS X-native version of the classic homage to Centipede, the legendary Atari coin-op arcade game in which you inhabit a crystal shard while defending yourself from a steady onslaught of imaginative and weird creatures that inhabit a mushroom patch on the other side of the looking glass. It’s a fast-paced action game that will bring you back to the heyday of coin-operate arcade games.

Darwinia is the creation of Introversion Software, which also published the PC version and previously produced the strange hacker game Uplink — the Mac version was ported and published by Ambrosia. Darwinia is a “virtual themepark” that runs inside a computer network built by Dr. Sepulveda. Inhabited by sentient, evolving life called “Darwinians,” the virtual landscape is threatened by an evil red viral infection — your job is to destroy the viral infection and save the Darwinians from extinction.

Besides native support for Intel-based Macs, Darwinia 1.4.2 offers several other changes, including functional keypad bindings, new difficult settings, parity with the PC 1.4 release and more.

Both updates are free for registered users; Darwinia costs $29, and Apeiron X costs $15.

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