E3: Aspyr to publish Call of Duty 2 for handhelds

The Macintosh isn’t the only platform to get a version of Call of Duty 2 ported by Aspyr Media. The company announced Tuesday plans to bring the game to Intel’s “Monahans” platform — the third-generation XScale chip that powers new PDAs and smartphones. Aspyr plans to publish Call of Duty 2 later this year.

Call of Duty 2 is the 3D first-person shooter that puts players in the role of Allied soldiers assaulting the German front lines during World War II, in North Africa, during D-Day, and on the Russian Front, taking alternate roles as American, British and Russian soldiers. The Macintosh version — a straight conversion of the already-released PC game — is almost done and shipping. Aspyr expects to complete it by June.

Aspyr Vice President Ted Staloch stated the importance of translating Call of Duty 2 to “a true 3D gaming experience for pocket PCs” in a press release.

His comments were underscored by Justin Berenbaum, Activision senior manager, Business Development. “It’s important to Activision that the cinematic look and feel of Call of Duty 2 translate appropriately to the pocket PC environment,” said Berenbaum.

Aspyr is best known to Mac users as a major publisher of Mac game conversions like The Sims 2 and Quake 4. They’ve also done original publishing with last year’s Stubbs the Zombie. But Aspyr has also diversified over the past year or so to become a publisher of PC games like Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. Call of Duty 2 will be Aspyr’s third Pocket PC-based title; they’ve previously brought to market Pocket PC versions of Pangea Software’s Enigmo and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

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