Apple sells PowerSchool to Pearson

Apple will sell PowerSchool, its Student Information System (SIS) software to Pearson Education — a major publisher of educational print and digital content. Pearson said it also plans to develop iPod-compatible educational content for teachers and students. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

PowerSchool is used by K-12 school administrators, teachers and parents to track student performance. It can be used to track grades, homework and attendance, providing updated information on student progress.

Apple acquired PowerSchool in March, 2001. The software works on multiple platforms, and operates as a Web-based system. Since then, Apple has revised the software several times, adding new features and functionality. It’s also presented PowerSchool at numerous conferences and trade shows dedicated to education.

Announcing the transfer, Apple vice president of Education John Couch reiterated his company’s commitment to education and said it’s never been stronger. “Our customers will love having Pearson’s education content on their iPods, and we’re confident that PowerSchool will continue to flourish and grow with Pearson,” said Couch.

Pearson said that PowerSchool’s facilities will be located in Folsom, Calif. and Mesa, Ariz. PowerSchool president Mary McCaffrey will head the business.

Pearson’s new iPod-compatible services will include new research-based educational content for iPods. Teachers will be able to listen to professional development podcasts to help them with lesson preparation and problem areas with students. Students will gain new study guides aligned with Pearson texts and will be able to listen to review notes to study for exams.

This story, "Apple sells PowerSchool to Pearson" was originally published by PCWorld.

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