QX-Tools Pro 7 supports QuarkXPress 7

OnOne Software announced Tuesday the forthcoming release of QX-Tools Pro 7, a new version of their QuarkXPress XTensions collection updated for QuarkXPress 7. QuarkXPress 7 began shipping last week. QX-Tools Pro 7 ships in July and costs $159.95, or $69.95 for an upgrade from the previous release.

QX-Tools Pro combines a series of Quark XTension add-ons together. You can use any or all of them to provide new features and functionality to QuarkXPress. The existing version features 12 XTensions, including QX-Shortcuts, QX Collect&Send, QX-Viewer, QX-Scaler, QX-FindChange and more.

New to QX-Tools Pro 7 is QX-SuperSelect, which lets you make multiple, non-contiguous text selections. QX-Underline provides you with more control over how you use rules and lines, including the ability to define how underlines interact with descending characters. QX-Tips&Tricks provides advanced users with special tips and tricks assembled by author Jay Nelson. QX-WYSIWYG displays all active fonts in their own typefaces in a single palette. And QX-DragAndDrop lets you drag and drop images and documents — anything supported by Quark Vista — directly into a QuarkXPress 7 document from the Finder or using Adobe Bridge.

Numerous existing features have also been enhanced, including QX-Shortcuts, QX-FindChange, QX-ItemStyles and QX-Viewer.

Users who buy QX-Tools Pro 5 beginning May 30, 2006 will get the version 7 upgrade for free.

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