First PowerSchool, now Chancery: Pearson on SIS spree

In late May Apple announced the sale of its Student Information System (SIS) technology PowerSchool to Pearson Education. Since then, Pearson has also announced plans to acquire Chancery Software, a Canadian PowerSchool competitor.

Like PowerSchool, Chancery’s software is aimed at K-12 schools who need to collect and manage student information including enrollments, scheduling, attendance, grading and performance. Chancery has an estimated installed base of 6,000 schools.

The combination of Chancery and PowerSchool instantly propels Pearson into the role of the largest SIS provider focused on the K-12 market in the country — the two acquisitions have doubled the organization’s size inside of a week. Both Chancery and PowerSchool will be integrated into a single operation, Pearson School Systems, which is headed by Mary McCaffrey, PowerSchool’s former president.

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