Mac author Michael Bartosh dies

Mac OS X Server expert Michael Bartosh died Sunday in Tokyo, Japan. He was 28 years old.

According to a posting on Mac OS X Server site AFP548, Bartosh fell from a balcony early on Sunday morning. Local police have ruled Bartosh’s death an accident.

Bartosh, a former Apple systems engineer, was author of O’Reilly Media’s book Mac OS X Panther Server Administration . Bartosh was president of Mac OS X consultancy 4am Media and a constant fixture at Macworld Expos and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conferences (WWDC). Bartosh was considered by many to be without peer for his knowledge of Mac OS X Server and his willingness to share what he knew.

Bartosh is survived by his wife, Amber.

Updated 12:03 PM June 12, 2006: Due to a reporting error, reference was made to Tiger administration book, which was cancelled prior to publication. Reference has been removed.

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