SoonR lets you access Mac data, Skype from cell phone

SoonR announced Thursday the release of a Mac version of its software. SoonR enables you to remotely access data on your Mac using a cell phone, and it also lets data-capable phones make calls using Skype, the popular Voice over IP (VoIP) software.

With the installation of a software application on the Mac, users can access shared folders on the Mac remotely, using any Internet-connected cell phone. Those shared files are transcoded for display on the phone, including an interactive thumbnail view. The service doesn’t require any software to be installed on the phone, either, according to the developers.

You can search using Spotlight and access documents and images you’ve shared with SoonR Desktop and launch the Skype client already on your Mac from your cell phone, using the SkypeOut service to call others potentially anywhere in the world. This can be considerably less expensive than an outbound international call through a cell phone plan, SoonR Vice President of Marketing Song Huang told Macworld .

Today’s announcement marks the beta release of SoonR, which can be downloaded from the company’s Web site. The first release provides Mac users with access to SoonR desktop, which makes your files accessible via the Web, and SoonR talk, the Skype component.

A third tool, SoonR Organizer, helps to organize calendar and contact data remotely — that’s due for the Mac in August. SoonR Organizer also lets you check your e-mail inbox remotely. Presently the Windows version of SoonR Organizer works with Microsoft’s Outlook software; SoonR is developing the Mac version to work with Mac contact and e-mail management software, said Huang.

SoonR works across carriers and on any handset operating system, as it requires only a data-capable phone with Internet access. The basic SoonR service is free to use, a premium service is coming soon.

This story, "SoonR lets you access Mac data, Skype from cell phone" was originally published by PCWorld.

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