Aspyr to make game download store

Aspyr Media on Monday announced development of The Gamerhood, a new digital download store that will allow Mac users to buy top-tier games and download them directly on their Macs. Aspyr expects to release The Gamerhood in Fall 2006 — it will be free for all Mac users.

The Gamerhood allows users to pay for games online, download them and play them — Aspyr said its inventory will vary from casual games to what Aspyr calls “AAA” titles — its top-tier games. Once downloaded, gamers can play those titles without having a physical CD or DVD in their drives.

An outgrowth of the work Aspyr has already done with its Game Agent software, The Gamerhood can check the user’s hardware against a game’s minimum system requirements, so you can be assured that the game you’re buying will run well. It also alerts users to current projects and new games, provides an online registration mechanism, and will alert you to game updates when they become available. Parental control mechanisms will also be provided to help restrict gameplay based on the ESRB rating.

This story, "Aspyr to make game download store" was originally published by PCWorld.

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