ADmitMac released for DoD Common Access Cards (CAC)

Thursby Software Systems has announced the beta release of ADmitMac for CAC, a version of their networking software that lets Macs integrate into Microsoft Active Directory networks. This release has been developed for U.S. Department of Defense Common Access Cards (CAC). Prices range from $140 to $169 per seat based on volume.

ADmitMac for CAC (AFC) was developed to help Mac users at CAC-dependent installations use a centralized network authority through the use of authorized Kerberos certificates. It changes the normal login screen and challenges the user to enter their CAC card PIN authorization. The software verifies the info and then obtains network credentials from the Kerberos Key Distribution Center.

Advantages over Apple’s standard Tiger networking include a single sign on environment; support for PKINIT; automatic locking of the system upon removal of the CAC, screen saver support with CAC security and logging.

This story, "ADmitMac released for DoD Common Access Cards (CAC)" was originally published by PCWorld.

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