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Review: iLuv i552 and MTX iThunder

Products Reviewed

(2 items)

MTX iThunder

Price when rated: $150 (see note in text)


  • Good sound quality with lots of bass and volume
  • Cradle holds iPod securely
  • Unique pop-up handle
  • Remote works well and stores for travel


  • Bland design
  • Can’t use AC power with batteries installed
  • Lacks treble detail
  • Few features for the price

iLuv i552

Price when rated: $120


  • Dedicated iPod shuffle dock
  • Stylish design
  • Great feature set for the price, including AM/FM radio, remote, and AV output


  • Dock not secure enough for carrying around and makes it difficult to access iPod’s Click Wheel
  • Poor remote control design
  • Lacks bass
  • Shuffle audio “bleeds through” to other modes

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