Snapz Pro updated for Intel Macs, more

Ambrosia Software has released a maintenance update to its screen capture utility for Mac OS X, Snapz Pro. Version 2.0.3 works without known issues on Intel Macs, but Ambrosia is careful not to call it a Universal binary. Snapz Pro costs $29 ($69 for an enhanced version that records QuickTime videos); this update is free for registered users of 2.0.x.

Snapz Pro is helpful for users who want or need to take snapshots of what’s on your screen. You can customize it to save in particular graphic formats, save individual windows or selected areas on screen and more.

In addition to support for Intel-based Macs, Snapz Pro 2.0.3 also features “tuned” performance for single processor machines that enables it to avoid sound stuttering while recording movies with sound; a fix for Tiger users that “respects the cursor visibility checkbox;” and fixes a crashing bug that would cause the software to crash on an Intel-based Mac mini or MacBook.

This story, "Snapz Pro updated for Intel Macs, more" was originally published by PCWorld.

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