Bungie's Myth II game resurrected for Intel Macs

Another classic game has returned from the mists of time for one more go-round with Mac gamers: Bungie Software’s legendary squad-based real time tactical action game Myth II: Soulblighter. It’s now available as a Universal binary for Intel and PowerPC-based Macs alike, thanks to the efforts of Project Magma.

Before Halo and after the Marathon series, Bungie branded itself in many Mac and PC gamers’ minds as the company that created Myth and Myth II, two fantasy-based real time tactical action games in which you assume control of small armies made up of different kinds of units, such as sword-wielding warriors, archers, dwarves who throw bombs and so on. The game’s story pits the forces of The Light and The Dark in an epic battle for supremacy. Myth II was first released in 1998.

On Thursday Project Magma released a public beta version of Myth II 1.6 — an update that contains the Mac OS X Universal binary version, Mac OS X-native versions of Fear and Loathing — the Bungie-made “mod” tools that let you craft your own scenarios, and more. It’s available for download as a “final quality release,” to make sure that it can be more thoroughly tested before it’s declared the final release.

Please note that Myth II 1.6 is not a complete game — you will need Myth II Soulblighter to be installed from the original installation CD in order to make use of this new file.

This story, "Bungie's Myth II game resurrected for Intel Macs" was originally published by PCWorld.

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