MediaCentral media manager adds Flickr support

Equinux has announced the release of MediaCentral 2.3, its multimedia management software for Mac OS X. New to this release is support for the online photo sharing and blogging service Flickr. A free update for registered users, MediaCentral costs $29.95.

MediaCentral unifies the interface Mac users access to view media on their systems ranging from Skype VoIP chats to IP TV, Google video clips, digital TV, movies, DVDs, games, music, music videos and more. It supports various Mac-compatible remote controls, can refresh online content automatically, lets you customize features, use a network server if you wish and more.

New to this release of MediaCentral is full integration with Flickr, which lets you personalize your own MediaCentral picture module content with Flickr albums, add Flickr RSS feeds to MediaCentral and more.

New Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial (DVB-T) digital TV tuners are supported with this release, including Miglia’s TVMini, Freecom’s DVB-T USB stick or Digitus’ DVB-T Digital USB 2.0 TV Receiver stick. DVB-T is primarily of interest to Europeans, but MediaCentral has also added a “DV Port” feature that lets you view content from connected FireWire devices or Apple’s iSight webcam.

MediaCentral 2.3 also adds support for .Mac Photocast albums, Windows Media and Real Player radio streams, additional IP TV channels, and new radio channels.

This story, "MediaCentral media manager adds Flickr support" was originally published by PCWorld.

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