Unity game engine adds new grass and tree effects

OTEE has announced the release of Unity v1.5.1, a new version of their 3D game development engine for Mac OS X. A free update for all registered Unity 1.x users, Unity 1.5.1 is priced starting at $249.

Unity can be used to create 3D games, simulations and other software that depends on 3D graphics and physics effects. It enables developers to deploy games on Mac OS X and Windows, and even supports the creation of Tiger Dashboard widgets. It incorporates support for Ageia’s PhysX physics engine, features a scripting engine that supports C#, JavaScript and Python, and has features like skinned character animation and ragdoll physics.

New to version 1.5.1 is “rock-solid” support for “a terrifying range of old hardware/software combinations,” according to the developer. What’s more, the new version features new shaders for terrain and foliage rendering. Unity also supports Unicode fonts and Unicode scripting.

This story, "Unity game engine adds new grass and tree effects" was originally published by PCWorld.

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