"Touch-screen" mention causes iPod speculation

Early Thursday the Internet ran rife with speculation that Apple had let slip information about a forthcoming touch-screen-based iPod. In a blog entry (republished by Macworld), InfoWorld's Kevin Railsback reported that an Apple PDF about the iPod's Notes feature included a reference to "touch-screen models."

That document has since been updated to refer to "iPod models beginning with third-generation iPod (dock connector) models with touch wheel." Based on an analysis of the text's position in the context of the document, it appears more likely that the error was of a typographical nature, and not a slip by Apple revealing the existence of secret products.

Although this item has led to much speculation around the Mac web, at this time Macworld feels that it would be improper for us to continue reprinting the InfoWorld blog entry on Macworld.com. As a result, we have removed that story and replaced it with this explanation.

This story, ""Touch-screen" mention causes iPod speculation" was originally published by PCWorld.

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